The concept of corporatocracy is that corporations - to a significant extent - have massive power over governments, including those governments nominally elected by the people, and that they exercise such power via corporate monopolies and mergers and by their enormous, concentrated economic power which,by recent economic crises, allows them the luxury of saying "we are too big to fail" and by legal in-the-open mechanisms (lobbyists, campaign contributions to office holders and candidates, threats to leave the state or country for another with less oversight and more subsidies, etc). Oliver Stone captured "Wall Street, you know, you could say..runs the world. Wall Street, the pharmaceutical lobbies, the oil lobbies, they run our government"

What is Corporatocracy

Fault Lines: The Top 1% [24:95]

Who are the Players

world-according-to-monsanto corporation
The World According to Monsanto
The Corporation [2:24:04]

Why is Corporatocracy So Bad??

  1. Not sustainable
  2. Rapes natural resources
  3. Rapes countries
  4. Rapes people, cultures, nationalities, ...
  5. Rapes our future... our children!
Peak Oil

How Do "They" Get Away With It

  1. Propaganda
  2. News Media
  3. Redirections

How is Corporatocracy Accomplished??  Examples from the Past

john-perkins john-perkins
Economic Hit Man [53:35] The Secret History of the American Empire [28:02]

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