Faces of War

American Empire

US Military Bases
US Military Expenses

Standing Army - The American Empire [7:09]
Secrecy of US military bases around the world (02/14/11) [5:16]
Why does US need over 1000 military bases around the world? (02/14/11)  [4:59]
Why does US need military bases around the world? [4:59]

Web site:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_military_bases
Web site:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Army_installations
Web site:  http://www.visitmilitarybases.com/basemap.html
Web site:  http://www.militarytravelzone.com/us-military-bases.html
Web site:  http://www.nasaa-home.org/baselocs.htm

Interview - Chalmers Johnson - The Sorrows of Empire [58:38]
Why we fight [1:39:05]

Smedley Butler excerpt "War is a Racket" (1934) [2:17]

Corporatocracy in the Military
WAR PROFITEERING | Industrial Military Complex | Fraud & Greed??

The Citizens for Tax Justice put out a report recently saying that 12 major corporations like Honeywell, Verizon, General Electric,  in the last three years, made $167 billion in profit, paid zero in taxes, and got $2.5 billion back from the treasury."

Ralph Nader: Solution to Debt Crisis is to End Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Loopholes (07/19/11) [6:38]

NEW US Embassy in Iraq - New Type of Imperialism... Military Bases

Enourmous, Expensive U.S. Embassy in Baghdad [2:08] Largest U.S. embassy in the world opens [2:53]

US Baghdad embassy will double in size (04/02/11)

What Brought Wikileaks to Everyone's Attention
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq

New York Tines
Manning in the New York Times
The War Logs - Iraq & Afghanistan
diplomatic cables provides a chronicle of the United States' relations with the world

BBC US & Canada
TOC, Start
War Logs: Afghanistan, Wikileaks memos reveal partial view of UK's Afghan role
War Logs: Iraq
At a glance: Wikileaks cables
States Secret
Wikileaks US diplomatic cables: Key Pakistan issues

London: Guardian
TOC, Start | The Guardian
War Logs: Afghanistan
War Logs: Iraq
States Secret
US embassy 250,000 cables: browse the database

Germany: Spiegel Online | http://www.spiegel.de/
France: Le Monde.fr | http://www.lemonde.fr/
Spain: El Pais.com | http://www.elpais.com/global/


I grew up right after World War II and thus was raised on TV shows such as Gallant Men and GI Joe (and of course the ubiquitous western). It was always the "Good" guys against the "bad" guys. I never thought of what the real war was about (and how many people actually died). I spent 6 years in college and thought I was educated and well informed.

I heard stories about Vietnam, heard about "The Pentagon Papers", thought Nixon was a crook. But I never read the newspaper articles on Pentagon Papers, or thought twice about the Vietnamese people themselves.

I didn't really care about the government, or had any inspiration to run for a political office. I figured the politicians wanted the best for the United States, and humanity as a whole... so you tried to vote for the candidate that made the most sense.

Lately I question all my beliefs. I don't think any or at least most of the wars we have been involved in, have been just wars. I don't think most federal politicians are looking after their constituents interest... just their own hid.  I think Congress has fallen down in creating fair regulatory laws, and the existing laws that were put into place to protect the public have been subsequently dismantled in favor of greed.

...more to come...

People are killed in wars



World War 2 In Colour [2:37:45]
The Life Of Adolf Hitler [1:37:56 ]
The Hitler Family [52:30]
WWII Hitler The Dictator [47:51]
Nazi and the Occult
Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy(1998) [1:44:01]
The CIA and the Nazis
The CIA and the Nazis-Full Length Documentary [44:51]

Soviet Union

The Soviet Story - Legendado [1:25:49]
South America

Nicaragua: A Nation's Right To Survive [52:35 ]

Black Halk Down [2:24:20]
South Africa

Apartheid Did Not Die - South Africa [51:13 ]
Middle East

Palestine is Still the Issue [52:53]
Anti Semite [1:31:18]

The War You Don't See - part 1, part 2
Poison DUst: Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Home and Abroad [1:24:04]
Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines [g=0,v=8,a=9,l=1:28:54]
No End in Sight [l=1:41:53]
The Whole Truth About the Iraq War Part 1 [23:32] | Part 2 [32:27]
Paying the Price Killing the Children of Iraq [1:15:05 ]

Iraq For Sale (12/30/10) [1:15:41]
Mission Accomplished (10/27/10) [1:29:15]
Iraq War Archive - Daylight Robbery Part 1 - BBC World Uncovered Documentary [10:23], Part 2 [10:26], Part 3 [10:32], Part 4 [10:47], Part 5 [9:54]
Private Warriors Part 1[14:32], Part 2[14:11], Part 3[14:31], Part 4[8:57]

Specials: Baghdad Bound: Devil Dog Diaries [1:20:45]
Specials: 21 Days to Baghdad [1:01:51]
History Channel's Sniper: Inside The Crosshairs [1:30:37]

Indian Ocean

Stealing a Nation, Diego Garcia [ 56:30]
South East Asia

Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror - Afghanistan [51:57]
Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates.
Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror John Pilger [51:06]
Are We Winning Yet?
Wikileaks shows Washington dismayed with Afgan war (8/3/10) [10:51]
Wars sending U.S. into ruin  part1 [8:48] | part2 [5:32]
Propaganda anyone!
Afghanistan - 10 years later [24:47]
The Other War!
Afghanistan: The Other War part 1 [7:52] | part 2 [7:54] | part 3 [7:54]

Helicopter Wars - Trapped by the Taliban [46:43]


Pentagon Papers: http://www.archives.gov/research/pentagon-papers/
Daniel Ellsberg: The Most Dangerous Man in America, The Pentagon Papers [1:27:25]
THe Pentagon Papers with James Spader Part1 [10:21] | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Not Available | Part6 | Part7 | Part8 | Part9
Daniel Ellsberg, "The Most Dangerous Man in America" [59:05]

Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny [26:19 ]
Do You Remember Vietnam (1978) [52:29 ]
To Know Us is to Love Us (Vietnese in US) [27:01 ]
Vietnam: The Last Battle [51:01 ]

Why Was the US In Vietnam?
Why Was the U.S. Involved in the Vietnam War? U.S. Government Film (1965) [28:07]

The following video is a cartoon and a little childish, but if you view it all the way through it has one of the best explanations on the Vietnam war.  What does this say about our real journalist and politicians!
The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam (08/12/06) [40:38]

Air Cavalry 1965
Air Cavalry 1965 part 1 [9:20] | part 2 | part 3
Battle of Ia Drang Valley
The Battle of Ia Drang Valley, 1965 [27:56]
John Pilger - The Quiet Mutany (1970)
The Quiet Mutiny (1970) vietnam interviews part 1 | part 2  | part 3
Four Hours In My Lai
Four Hours In My Lai (1of7) [10:00] | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7
After My Lai
The My Lai Inquiry [ 10:01]
Might makes Right?
Vietnam: American Holocaust - Bombing Vietnam [8:40]
Know your enemy (Propoganda)
The Viet Cong 1965-1967 - part 1, part 2
Other Videos
Vietnam: 1964-1975 (w/music) [10:00]
Vietnam War - The Impact of Media [10:51]
Underground Tunnels in Vietnam War (12/13/11) [44:52]

Year Zero: The Silent Death Of Cambodia [52:13 ]
Cambodia: Year One [52:29 ]
Cambodia: Year Ten [52:01 ]
Cambodia: The Betrayal [51:02 ]
Malaysia, East Timor

Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny [56:19 ]
Death of a Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy [1:16:30]


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