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Imperialism is "the creation and/or maintenance of an unequal economic, cultural, and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination." The imperialism of the last 500 years, as described by the above work, is primarily a western undertaking that employs "expansionist – mercantilism and latterly communist – systems." Geographical domains have included the German Empire the Mongolian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Dutch Empire, the Persian Empire, the French Empire, the Russian Empire, the Chinese Empire, and the British Empire, but the term can equally be applied to domains of knowledge, beliefs, values and expertise, such as the empires of Christianity (see Christendom) or Islam (see Caliphate). Imperialism is usually autocratic, and also sometimes monolithic (i.e. having a massive, unchanging structure that does not allow individual variation) in character. It can be relatively benign as in Canada, or murderously brutal as in the Congo Free State.

Introduce the Neocons

9/11 The Myth and The Reality - David Ray Griffin (very good!)
The New American Century (2009) - PNAC

Project for North American Century (PNAC):

rest-of-the-castTheir enemy (Neocons on both sides??)
BBC Series - The Power Of Nightmares, Neoconservatives Part1 [59:00], Part2 [57:58], Part3 [57:58]

NEW US Embassy in Iraq - New Type of Imperialism... Military Bases

Enourmous, Expensive U.S. Embassy in Baghdad [2:08] Largest U.S. embassy in the world opens [2:53]

US Baghdad embassy will double in size (04/02/11)
Neocons Promoting Profiteering | Military Corporatocracy

US Military Expenses

Standing Army - The American Empire [7:09]
Secrecy of US military bases around the world (02/14/11) [5:16]
Why does US need over 1000 military bases around the world? (02/14/11)  [4:59]
Why does US need military bases around the world? [4:59]

Halliburton | KBR & additional expenditures

Opportunity - Need a New Perl Harbor

I never realized how terrible the conditions were at Ground Zero on 911 until I looked at the newer documentaties from the History Channel... now I do (see: 102 Minutes That Changed America (2008) [1:59:54], and WTC - The First 24 Hours (2002 ) [28:39].


9/11 Revisited [1:21:50]
102-minutes-that-changed-america first-24-hours
102 Minutes That Changed America (2008) [1:59:54] WTC - The First 24 Hours (2002 ) [28:39]

One of the Deadlier Outcomes

Deception and Lying are bad enough, War is horrible and should only be used in a defensive posture, but nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons are unimaginable!

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction??

Poison DUst: Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Home and Abroad [1:24:04]

beyond-treason no-end-in-sight
Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines
No End in Sight [l=1:41:53]

Hijacking Catastrophe: Blueprint for Empire Part 1 [10:00 ], Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10
The Whole Truth About the Iraq War Part 1 [23:32], Part 2 [32:27]

Note: for more videos on Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq see John Pilger, Greg Palast, & Noam Chomsky on the Heros | Whistle Blowers menu

What is Their Agenda and How Do They Get Away With It

Tarpley : US and the geopolitical situation in the World (2007) [1:03:21]
Webster Tarpley: The men behind Barack Obama part 1 , part 2 Webster Tarpley: the geopolitical goals of the Anglo-American Empire in Afghanistan Pakistan Iran

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes (2004) [1:11:17]
Unauthorized Biography of D!ck Cheney [42:58]
Frontline: Dick Cheney, Dark Side
CHENEY, DARK SIDE Part 01 [10:00] | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05 | Part 06 | Part 07 | Part 08 | Part 09

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